Mike’s career in the fitness industry started at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he earned a degree in Kinesiology. While working on his degree, he worked for one of the country’s premier luxury health facilities, Canyon Ranch Spa club, performing fitness assessments, personal training, and instructing various classes such as Cycling, Sculpt, Meditation, and Core Training.

Upon returning to Long Island, Mike worked as an Exercise Physiologist under Cardiologist Dr. Felix Oviasu in Garden City, New York. He then transitioned into another area of the Healthcare Industry, working as a Physical Therapy Assistant under Glenn Segal, PT and Bernhard Sengstock, DC at Universal Health and Rehabilitation in Islip, New York.

Mike began to apply the conservative, calculated approach that he learned in the healthcare industry to the fitness programs he was designing for his growing Personal Training clientele. His clients had remarkable results in both injury rehabilitation and prevention. His next goal was to take his clients to the next level, optimal vitality. Mike’s next position as a health club manager afforded him the opportunity to attend various seminars and lectures relating to the fitness industry. One particular lecturer, was Paul Chek , founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute. His holistic philosophy and science based knowledge resonated and was in sync with Mike’s wellness principles.

For the last few years Mike has been intrigued by the natural healing power of the body when it is in balance, and his clients have reaped the benefits. His training has shifted in focus from primarily treating the musculoskeletal system to a more comprehensive understanding of how multiple factors, such as hormonal balance, nutrition, digestive health, and stress can effect exercise, and how exercise can affect those factors as well.

Mike recently completed his certification as a CHEK Exercise Coach  through the CHEK Institute.  The CHEK Institute is a leading certifying body in the area of Corrective Holistic Exercise. Mike is now qualified to peform comprehensive postural analysis and physiological load assessments to aid him in exercise selection and modifications for common imbalances in the body.

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